o become a model it takes more than just a pretty face, it’s a process, a step-by-
step road to success that takes hard work and dedication. Becoming a model will have its ups and downs but never be disheartened. With Next Generation, learn how to tailor your approach, build a professional portfolio and promote yourself to modelling agencies. Next Generation can give you the answers to all your modelling and agency questions and give you all the advice you will need during the processes that lead to signing a contract with a modelling agency. The key is to be realistic and to look at what type of modelling you would be most suited to, and to work hard to achieve your goals.

We also provide a 6 month plan to guide you through the process and an Agency Referral Service in which we refer you to selected Talent Agencies.


First up you have to have the right attitude to be a model. Many models and agencies always tell us that the three key ingredients to being successful models are: patience, discipline and self-confidence. There is no point having one without the other two. You’ll need all three in equal measure.

Your Rights

It is important to understand your rights as a model in order to know where you stand when certain situations arise. A model will have to face difficult obstacles in their career when it comes to chasing their images, seeking payment for a job or even dealing with sexual harassment. Below are a few tips to ensure you are always protected:

As of October 2010 it is illegal for an agency to charge upfront fees. This law only applies to photographic and fashion models. If you do not fall into either of these categories, an agency can charge you a small fee to include you on their website in a directory.

Agencies typically charge between £50 and £150 to include you on their website and books.

Safety Tips

The world of modelling is a vast and diverse one, with different areas emerging all the time. We have prepared these tips to ensure that you stay as safe as possible when pursuing your modelling career.

  • Avoid companies with no address or contact number
  • Avoid companies who hide behind a PO Box address
  • A good model is a smart model – use your common sense and don’t be afraid to say NO

Freelance Modelling

Freelance modelling is when a model is not signed up to a modelling agency. A freelance model will market his or herself in the industry and find modelling work independently. Many freelance models work as part time models to earn a second income.

A freelance model can source their own work through modelling communities, networking events and contacting companies and clients directly. With the internet and social networking sites at your fingertips, marketing yourself has never been easier. Many models have taken it upon themselves to get work independent of agencies, giving them full control of their earnings and career. When working as a freelance or part-time model, it is imperative to maintain your own list of contacts as you do not have a model agent to do this for you, so it is beneficial to keep in contact with the photographers and other industry creatives that you work with on each shoot or at each event.