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W e have helped thousands of aspiring models take their first steps into the modeling world. Not all models that apply are going to be successful in the industry but we are here to help and advise you into taking your next steps to help you get signed to a good agency where they will promote you into work. The best advice for models – choose a great model agency. If you are thinking about taking the first steps to becoming a model, you will already be aware that there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. You will need to be very careful in choosing where you get the right advice from, and that’s why it is always the best option to choose a model agency this is right for you. Here at Next Generation Models we will assess your needs and point you in the right direction. Agencies are always on the look out for new faces, so if you feel you have what it takes register above.



M odelling jobs. Working as a model is not a typical nine to five job. If you want to get into model work you will already know that modeling jobs are by their very nature not something that fits into the normal working day. The working hours as a model can be very long and irregular, and may include early starts and late finishes, so this is something you should bear in mind when you are looking for model jobs.

Model jobs – where will you find it? The model work you can find will depend on what kind of model you are. For example, in-house models that work for fashion companies will spend their time in design studios, showrooms, stores and fashion show venues.

On the other hand, if you are looking for modeling jobs in photographic modelling the location of the work is entirely dependent on the requirements of the photo shoot. You could find yourself doing modeling jobs in studios and other venues, or outdoors in all weather conditions, depending on the needs of the shoot. Modelling jobs can involve a lot of travel to attend castings, fashion shows and photo shoots, which may mean having to stay away from home for anything from a day to a few weeks at a time. If you are thinking about models jobs and modeling jobs, you should bear this in mind, as living out of a suitcase does not suit everybody.

Models jobs – Most modeling jobs are on a self-employed basis, and models will get their work through an agency. The majority of modelling jobs are based in and around London, but there are also agencies in other major cities all over the UK.

Modelling agencies – the people who know


M odelling agencies are the best way for new models to start out their modelling career. A model agency carries out a variety of roles such as advising and training models to work in the industry. Modelling agencies can also promote models and can sometimes manage their careers, as well as booking models for jobs. A good model agency can also arrange payment from clients and pass this on to the models. Models – have you got what it takes?

Having the ‘right look’ or being beautiful is not always enough for the models of today. Have a flick through the pages of any magazine and you will soon realise that it’s rare to see models that you can relate to. The ‘girl next door’ look that we used to see on the catwalk has long gone. There have been many stories in the press about how models of today are too skinny, and there have been concerns raised about the health of some of the models.

Models and their looks change just as the trends do. What’s in this year will more than likely be out next year, so this means that model agencies are looking for models that have a completely different look from their predecessors. They like edgy models with the fierce fashion sense that has replaced the soft-faced model that we used to see in magazines.

Modelling dos & don’ts


T here are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding a modelling agency, and if you bear these in mind it should help you choose the right model agency, one which will advise and support you in your chosen career. If you adhere to some basic guidelines it should help to ensure that you avoid the hundreds of scams which are operated by unscrupulous and unprofessional modelling agencies.

The first thing to remember is don’t sign with the first agency you find, Have a good look around the many modeling agencies and make sure that they are the right one for you and you feel comfortable with them. It’s also a good idea to take somebody along with you when you eventually choose the model agency you want. The chances are that you will be perfectly safe, but for that first meeting, take somebody with you.

Don’t go to the agency in your best ‘model’ clothes and make up. The agency will be looking for people with natural talent and a good foundation that they can work with, so be as natural as possible.

Don’t sign a contract until you understand the terms, and are happy with their terms. You might want to get a solicitor to look over it before you sign it.

It may seem too good to be true if a model agency guarantees you work – in which case it probably is – but don’t join an agency that says you are guaranteed work. The modelling industry is not a normal job and there are no guarantees. And once you have signed up with a model agency, remember that it’s also normal to wait several months before your first booking, so don’t start worrying if the modeling agency doesn’t offer you work on the first day!

Don’t be afraid to ask how much of a percentage of the client’s payment the agency will take. All model agencies take a percentage, but the size of that percentage can vary between modeling agencies.

Ask the model agency for examples of their work and referrals of clients and models so that you can see for yourself what they are about.

Do some research about the model agency you are interested in and find out what other people have to say about them. This will help you to avoid modeling agencies that are only interested in taking your money and doing nothing to further your career.



N ext Generation Models scam and warnings section has discovered a number of modelling scams using the “billboard” or “303” scam, usually ran from overseas countries such as Nigeria or Eastern Europe. Modelling scams are prevalent all over the world, and in the UK there are plenty of cowboy scam agency out there.Next Generation Models agency review posts on our social media, as are our regularly updated Next Generation Models scam posts to warn you of any current scams.

Child modelling and teen modelling is a new and fast growing area. There is a huge market for teen models and child models and young guys and girls are always needed for television commercials, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and billboard advertisements.