T here is a huge market for Teen Models and young guys and girls are always needed for television commercials, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and billboard advertisements.

Teenagers need a good strong family network to support them if they are to work as a model alongside studying at college or school. It is important that you have an alternative career to fall back on and so leaving education to pursue a career as a model should be given serious thought. You can always work as a model part time until you finish full time education.

We offer a very nurturing environment for young teens and can provide lots of important information and advice to parents and teens when starting out as a new model.

Teen models should have a good look, good skin, hair and nails and be fit and healthy. You also need to have a good attitude and be easy to work with and willing to be styled by the experts in costumes that you may not necessarily choose to put yourself in.

Becoming a teen model can be a very exciting journey with the potential to earn very good money however it is competitive and it is important to set yourself realistic goals.

If you think you have what it takes to become a teen model then fill in the form on this page.